Egalsoft 6.5 mm:
22 m x 1.37 m (30.14 m2)

11m x 1.37 m (15.07 m2)

Egalsoft® is a unique self-adhesive underlay, when it is removed it does not damage the subfloor. The top layer is a PES non-woven, on an impregnated needlefelt, providing a stable base for the adhesive application. The smoothing bottom layer has a semi permanent adhesive for a double stick installation (single stick adhesive application).

Egalsoft® is also suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

For heavy contract use we recommend to glue down the Egalsoft with

anti- slip adhesive.

  • Egalsoft is 6.5 mm in thickness

  • Removable system without damaging the subfloor

  • Has very good smoothing properties

  • Good compression capability, prolongs the life time of the
    carpet above and increases the feeling of luxury and comfort

  • Achieves impact sound reduction of up to 27 dB

  • Has a thermal resistance of 2.2 tog

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