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Estillon Floorfixx smart 62104_1000x589.

Floorfixx smart 8 mm:
82.5 cm x 56.5 cm (2.80 m2)


Floorfixx smart.jpg

Floorfixx smart is a system floor that, with the help of the handy lap joint, easily creates a new, insulating and even underlay that can bear load immediately. Floorfixx smart is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Floorfixx should always be installed over a polythene moisture vapor barrier, minimum 160-micron thickness. 

For full installation details, see installation instructions and video below.

Pit normaal woongebruik.jpg
Pit zwaar woongebruik.jpg
Kopie van FCSS32.jpg
Pit Zwenkwielen intensief gebruik.jpg
Floorfixx regular 2 (2).jpg
Floorfixx smart pallet 3D.jpg
TUV for Floorfixx smart.jpg
  • Floorfixx smart is 8 mm in thickness

  • Suitable for the renovation of poor basic floors

  • For use with LVT, carpet & carpet tiles with a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm 

  • No waiting or drying time and it can bear load immediately

  • Levels out unevenness and provides maximum stability

  • Insulates against impact noise up to 20 dB 

  • Developed for use in projects where higher quality standards are required due to heavy traffic

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