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Regent Street, London

In September 2018, Borderline Carpet Planners in London were faced with fitting over 2000sqm of heavy weight hand tufted carpet into a recently refurbished high-end flag ship retail store on Regent Street in London. To make life difficult not only did they have to finish the job before London Fashion Week started, there was also a preservation order in place which ruled that there were to be no adhesives or fixings used on the existing subfloor when fitting the carpet.

Borderline Carpet Planners approached us at Easylay Systems Ltd to discuss a solution and our Egalsoft® Underlay was the answer. Unlike most double stick underlays, Egalsoft® is a unique self-stick underlay, when it is removed it does not damage the subfloor. The top layer is a PES non-woven, on an impregnated needlefelt, providing a stable base for the adhesive application. The smoothing bottom layer has a semi-permanent adhesive for a single stick installation.


Egalsoft® has very good smoothing properties, good compression recovery capability, prolongs the life time of the carpet above and increases the feeling of luxury and comfort. Egalsoft® is 6.5mm thick, has a thermal resistance of 2.2tog and achieves an impact sound reduction of up to 27db. Egalsoft® is also suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

Jim Willingale at Borderline Carpet Planners was certainly pleased with the results.

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