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Floorfixx Floating Subfloor Preparation Systems

Floorfixx regular 2 (2).jpg
Floorfixx regular 9 mm:
120 cm x 60 cm (2.88 m2)
Floorfixx smart website.jpg
Floorfixx smart.jpg
Floorfixx smart 8 mm:
82.5 cm x 56.5 cm (2.80 m2)

Floorfixx is an ideal underlay for linoleum, cushion vinyl, LVT, Click LVT, carpet, carpet tiles and engineered wood. Ideal for residential and commercial applications. On top of that, the Floorfixx underlays insulate against impact noise.

The FloorFixx range is a unique and highly versatile underlay system, instantly producing a perfect, stable surface for stuck-down floor finishes. As a range of four floating board systems it combines speed and ease of use with excellent smoothing capacity and the ability to overcome many time-consuming difficulties associated with traditional surface preparation methods. It requires no screeds, glues, nails or other fixings and is ideal for use on both solid and timber floor constructions. It requires no drying or setting time as with screed systems, no priming, no mixing, no rubbing down and it has no smell.

It is not necessary to remove old floor coverings or surface coatings, which can be overlaid, neither is it necessary to decontaminate concrete in order to achieve a good bond, as the floating floor principle employed does not require any kind of fixing or bonding to the substrate. This also means that future removal of both floor-covering and underlay is quick, clean and easy, with no residues or damage whatsoever to the old floor surface, or previous floor finish.

Floorfixx should always be installed over a polythene moisture vapor barrier, minimum 160-micron thickness.

The overall thickness of Floorfixx is only 8-10 mm makes it feasible to overlay existing floors in most situations. This includes an integral cushioning layer, which enables it to accommodate irregularities of up to 2 mm in the sub-floor and provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

​The speed and simplicity of FloorFixx together with the elimination of previously unavoidable processes, results in the shortest possible overall installation time

With a minimum level of skill and the simplest of tools FloorFixx can be installed to the same high standard and quality of surface finish every time it is used. The saving of considerable time and return visits needed for screeds to dry makes it easy to plan schedules and timetables and eliminates wasted time on site. There are no delays

because the panels are either pre-coated with an interactive adhesive which bonds the two layers together instantly and permanently with firm contact or pre-bonded depending on the version.

Sanding down any minor imperfections at the joints with fine 120 grit sandpaper and vacuuming out, are all that is necessary prior to setting out and installing the floor finish.

With various trades and tight deadlines sometimes a factor, FloorFixx can be installed in sections and immediately covered with flooring, enabling work to progress with an absolute minimum of disruption.

Packaging Floorfixx optimum.jpg
Floorfixx optimum 8 mm:    82.5 cm x 56.5 cm (2.80 m2)
Floorfix comfort 2.jpg
Floorfixx comfort 10mm:
120 cm x 60 cm (2.88 m2)

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